Meeting #:
Council Chambers, LaSalle Civic Centre, 5950 Malden Road

Clerk's Note: The recommendation published on the November 22, 2019 Agenda is not the same as the Administrative recommendation outlined below.

Karl Tanner, Agent/ Planner for Dillon Consulting, and Melanie Muir, Agent/ Planner Dillon Consulting, appear before Council to present the Amended Draft Plan of Subdivision & Rezoning Application.


    Based on the information provided within this Staff Report, and subject to further input from Council and the public, it is recommended that:

    • Council recommend to the County of Essex’s Manager of Planning Services, that they grant draft approval to the Amended Draft plan of Subdivision (prepared by Roy Simone, O.L.S., dated November 25, 2019) for the subject lands, and that the County of Essex be requested to attach the following conditions to the subject amended draft plan of subdivision approval:

    a) that the required storm water management plan be prepared by the Applicant and approved by the Town Engineer and ERCA Staff;

    b) that all identified road allowances be conveyed to the Town;

    c) that a subdivision agreement be entered into with the Town to ensure that all required municipal infrastructure and services are designed and built by the Applicant to the satisfaction of the Town, and that all required financial contributions be made and/or secured to the Town, including all required letters of credit, cash securities and insurances;

    d) that Blocks 16, 17, and 21 be conveyed to the Town for parkland purposes, in accordance with the Planning Act requirements;

    e) that Block 20 be conveyed to the Town for storm water management purposes;

    f) that Blocks 14 and 18 be conveyed to the Town for linear open space/trail purposes;

    g) that 1 foot reserves be created and conveyed to the Town at the end of all dead-end streets (which streets are intended to provide future road interconnections with adjacent lands not owned by the Applicant);

    h) that the subject lands be rezoned in appropriate zone categories for their intended use;

    i) that appropriate zoning by-law regulations and corresponding subdivision agreement obligations to ensure compliance with applicable Ministry of Environment D-6 Guidelines (Compatibility between industrial facilities) are met for the affected lands;

    j) that the necessary approvals are obtained from Plains Midstream for the required road crossing on D’Amore Drive.

    • Once the County of Essex has granted draft approval to the Applicant’s Draft Plan of Subdivision:

    a) that the required subdivision agreement be prepared and executed to Council’s satisfaction;

    b) that the required zoning by-law amendment, be prepared by Town Staff and brought to Council for adoption purposes.”